Retail photographer shooting in a Dubai
No Second ChancesSometimes you only get one shot at a photograph before the moment passes - when that moment comes you need a photographer able to see the shot before taking the camera out of the bag.

The Story Behind The Image

Whilst on-location in Dubai, John Larkin was asked to photograph a shopping mall but was hampered by not being able to use a tripod and, being Dubai, was also very aware to avoid showing the general public.

I love the feeling of space and symmetry in this shot, it worked perfectly to illustrate a magazine feature.

How was this retail photograph shot?

Looking for a creative angle I saw a potentially dramatic shot from the top of the escalator, but needed to be discreet. After setting the camera for focus, exposure and a 2 second delay. I waited until the right moment to make my way down. I popped the camera over the handrail and balanced it on a ridge, I took 2 steps back, picked up the camera and no-one was any the wiser!

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