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DWPi's Commercial Photographic Studio - Luton

We work with a very wide gamut of businesses, designers, manufacturers, creative people who love the easy of use of our purpose-built photographic studio facilities.

The studio, conveniently situated just minutes from the M1 in Luton, Bedfordshire, is extremely versatile meets all corporate needs. With a side-loading studio bay and purpose-built infinity cove, DWPi is able to photograph an enviably diverse range of subjects.

Our studio sets have included a 20 foot long drinks bar, a full size shower unit with gushing water through a port hole and turning the studio upside down for a specialist lighting project. In our Bedfordshire studio we shoot food, fashion, furniture, portraits, products, lifestyle and get close up to intricate medical instruments.

Our secret is our ability to see the image before we create the picture!

DWPi offer specialist photographic services for the diverse needs of electrical, lighting, fashion, medical, industrial, retail, merchandising and lifestyle clients. Portraits for business avatars, corporate publications plus head-shots for actors and the arts are regular sessions in our photography studio.

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