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John Larkin - Commercial Photographer
John Larkin
Commercial Photographer
"An exciting photo is carefully constructed and makes intelligent use of light to make an impact, telling the commercial story being played-out in-front of camera."

Commercial Photography Delivering A Marketing Edge

John Larkin came to Luton having run a busy London advertising studio in 1978 and instantly built up a reputation for high quality commercial, studio and location photography.

Award-winning vision, capturing iconic images

John's skills were a perfect blend into the well-established commercial and industrial photographic business of DWPi (formerly David Whiting Photography) and was soon offered a full partnership. Winner of many awards, John Larkin became a Fellow of the BIPP in 1986. Now a Director of DWP Imaging Ltd and a founder of the UK's Commercial Photographers' Network, John is continually evolving his work to provide his clients with commercial photography that delivers a marketing edge.

"We can all take photographs, most people need to check the back of the camera to see what they've just shot. Whereas the creative commercial photographer sees the photo long before the camera has come out of the bag."

Delivering a marketing edge

John's notion is to fully understand what the client wants the image to achieve and sets out to accomplish it, often beyond their expectations. His aim is to capture and deliver iconic images for every client. John has also learnt that the post photography can be as challenging as the preparatory work. Offering design and print services helps to maintain a good relationship with the client.

Outside the imaging business John follows outdoor pursuits working with young people from Hertfordshire to get the most out of life.

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