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LED Lighting Photograph Before Specialist Retouching

Image Retouching & Photoshop Layering

DWP Imaging offers expert Photoshop retouching of photographs to take images beyond mere post processing right up to magazine quality standard.

What the eye can see the camera cannot capture!

When photographing lighting, a photographer knows that LEDs are notoriously difficult to capture the true colour and to get a realistic result which still looks good in print. LEDs produce highly colour-saturated, intense beams of light which no camera, no matter how expensive it is, can hope to accurately capture. Our lead image shows a before and after animation to illustrate the challenge. In order to to deliver an image that matches what our eyes expect to see, DWPi has evolved a retouching technique which works round this LED lighting problem and results in a much more even, realistic colour.

Lighting - a fitting application of image retouching

Specialist lighting photographer

Specialist Lighting PhotographyLighting fittings which have fine detail such as louvres or perforations will completely burn out when photographed with a normal exposure. Photography of commercial lighting is a specialist field that DWPi has operated in for many years. Lamps and light fittings provide a light source for the space and, as such, are significantly brighter that the ambient light levels they create. The eye can accommodate the greater range of light values than any camera so DWPi use multiple exposure photography and retouch the image in Photoshop so that the lighting fittings do not lose all their detail and the space looks naturally lit. DWPi will bring in highlight detail, control shadows thus showing both the lighting fitting and conveying the quality of light created by the fittings in their application environment.

Spot the difference

Retouching architectural photography

Architectural features which provide lighting are often in areas which have lots of natural light and this bright and airy reception pictured above is no exception. Using our retouching expertise we layered two architectural images together, one shot to specifically show-off the architectural lighting feature and the other exposed for additional lighting to give better balance and control the daylight. The layered Photoshop retouching technique offered us the opportunity to introduce a more pleasing reception staff grouping - did you spot the different people in the before and after shot? Finally, with the verticals corrected, the resulting image puts more emphasis on the client's product.

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