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HDR special effect photography london

SpecialFX Photography by DWP Imaging Limited

Creative retouching or adding effects can liberate the image and make great photographs outstanding. The expertise required comes from our years of digital imaging experience, we have the edge over other photographic studios.

special effect photography londonWe see the SpecialFX shot before we take the camera out of the bag and so shoot as many images as possible for the work we'll do back at the studio. This cost-effective approach of creative imaging and quick shooting means we spend time less time to obtain the final photographic result.

Photography is an art form and a blend of creative ideas and flexibility enables the photographer to have the where with all to make your images stand out from the competition. SpecialFX photography calls for more skill than choosing a whizzy filter in Photoshop and though our list of special effects are numerous (mono, selective colour, HDR, panoramics and skin retouching) our advice about which special effect to use to make your image pop off of the page is always available.

We are constantly adding to the gallery of images, new ideas, trends and techniques. Our page here is just a taster showing 3 images of London.

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