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Before and after, the professional difference for flooring photography

Shooting What We See - Not What We Find

The flooring photograph that you see to the right is the image we delivered for integrated safety flooring specialist Altro. Much of Altro's non-slip flooring may be found in hospital and healthcare situations. The image you see to the left shows what we found on-location when we arrived to photograph this flooring application shot.

Photographing working environments

Commercial photography takes us into the widest spectrum of working environments and this flooring shot for Altro in a hospital's rest room is very typical of what we find when we turn up with lights and cameras. This Altro non-slip floor had just been laid and the purpose of our commercial shot was to show the application of the safety flooring in a hospital environment.

Naturally, the primary purpose of this hospital rest room is to give nurses and medical staff somewhere to eat and drink when on a break, rest rooms won't stay in showroom condition for very long. Preparing this room to be photographed involved, clearing-up and cleaning-down before we could even think about taking the camera out of the bag.

Looking clean, safe and hygeinic

With the decks cleared we could then move furniture, find the shot, brief staff and light the room in order to take the application photograph which majored on the flooring whilst depicting a bright, clean, safe and hygeinic working environment. We think you'll agree that the difference a professional can make is very evident here.

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