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Creative photographic studio lighting
Studio UplightingHow DWPi came up with a creative imaging solution in the studio in order to photograph a lighting product that didn't exist!

The Story Behind The Image

The brief of this studio photography for the launch of a new lighting product (that was yet to go into production) was to show the effects of perimeter lighting using only a prototype and a dummy product.

Once we conceived and visualised the idea, we built the studio set ready for the client's arrival with the prototype lighting.

Turning the studio upside-down

By inverting the studio set and making the ceiling the floor, we could slide the prototype around making a number of exposures, these multiple images were carefully layered-up in Photoshop to assemble the final image.

Lighting expertise

Specialist Lighting PhotographerThe tricky bit was not dealing with the vase but in balancing studio lighting with the actual product to produce a real visual effect. The camera sees only a small proportion of contrast compared to our eyes and what our brain tells us, it's all too easy for large areas to burn out to nothing.

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