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Goldfish studio photography Photoshop
No Animals Were Harmed In The Photoshopping Of This AdThis simple-enough looking ad to advertise Altro's non-slip flooring is a Photoshop composite of so many different parts.

The Story Behind The Image

This image for Altro showing the goldfish on a non-slip floor was a bit of fun and tested our disciplines. We were unable to effectively shoot this ad in one shot so our plan was to shoot four separate studio shots and rely on our Photoshop skill to finally pull it off.

Shot 1

The goldfish in a square tank to get it nice and sharp, a dummy light to make it face the right way, target position marked on the set. Lighting critical to retain shape and fin detail.

Shot 2

The bowl with water to the edge, supported at exactly the right angle and lit softly to counter the magnification effect.

Shot 3

The bowl empty with more contrasty lighting so the 2 halves will look natural and bright.

Shot 4

The rim of a pyrex dish to make a more interesting lip on the bowl.

Finally, the assembly in Photoshop

The fish as spherised, the meniscus bent and coloured and the glass images stitched together. Not to mention tinting the water and knocking out all the unwanted reflections in the glass. Client loved it and the fish survived to swim many more days.

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