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Creative Commercial Photography & Much More

Commercial photography has the power to stop your customers in their tracks. Visually-arresting commercial photographs are the creative hallmarks of DWP Imaging and your ticket to better business.

Commercial Photography London & Home Counties

Superb commercial photography starts with staying on-trend to create the kind of strong images that are so often seen in the media. We get a real understanding of the product/process to be photographed then set about promoting its strengths to produce high quality, artistic images that appeal to customers.

A local creative imaging studio with a nationwide reach and a reputation to match

Experience counts for so much when receiving a brief from the client. A lot of our work can take us well away from Milton Keynes so asking pertinent questions before we set off for the location can avoid any surprises when we get on-site. We often turn a difficult situation around as each assignment needs thought, preparation, good control of lighting and post production to achieve outstanding results.

commercial photography walesOur high quality commercial images are artistic, creative and keep our clients ahead of the competition.

If you value your business why compromise on its image?

John Larkin and Nigel Crump have a strong connections with agencies, corporates and British manufacturing organisations and approach each corporate photo-shoot with enthusiasm and dynamism. As founding members of the Commercial Photographers Network we are responsible for a territory reaching from Milton Keynes, through Luton, Hemel Hempstead into North London and team-up with our trusted associates to manage commercial photographic projects on a nationwide scale for larger clients.

The commercial photographic studio is based in Wingrave, Buckinghamshire less than 20 minutes from Central Milton Keynes and 40 minutes from the centre of London it is on the cusp of 3 counties - Herts, Beds and Bucks and regularly supplies high end quality product photography to clients spread right across the UK. It is comparatively easy these days to courier products overnight to DWP Imaging. Test shots can be sent electronically on the day of the shoot for approval with fully retouched files ready for reproduction following in a short space of time. They regularly cover North London and the central heartland of the city. Modern photographic equipment makes it possible to travel easily by public transport and avoid congestion charges, high parking fees and traffic delays.

DWPi has a reputation for specialist skills, which have developed from a unique blend of talents and a great understanding of marketing and repro requirements. This means DWP Imaging have the capabilities to photograph products with a design layout in mind. This is well appreciated by those clients who want images to be right first time. Attention to detail and the product photography fitting the brief are key elements to a successful working relationship. With prior knowledge of the customer's market and their competition, it is essential that their products and services retain a synergy between the market place and the image. It is all about shooting what they see - not what they find particularly for case studies, media and PR, when a clear message is required which has impact.

You can see from these samples of photographic work how DWPi has developed these specialised skills in certain industries including media, retail, residential care homes, architectural, panoramic wall art, finance and education, as well as specific products for commercial lighting, flooring, disposable containers, the fashion industry and medical/pharmaceutical products. Serving all needs for corporate clients from business portraits, brochures, annual reports, events and conferences to industrial plant and commerce offering the addition of video production.

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