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Specialist Copying Artwork and Paintings

DWPi's Commercial Photographic Studio

DWP Imaging offers a Commercial Photographic Studio serving three counties Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

We work in the busy world of commerce offering a bespoke service which includes both studio and location photography. The studio is a real bonus to many of our clients, it offers space and privacy for parking and is surrounded by rolling countryside in Buckinghamshire less than 40 minutes from our previous location.

The facilities allows clients to continue to work as a remote office space away from the hub-bub of their normal environment. Conversely we accept products by courier and can quickly send a proof of image direct from the camera to linked to the Mac. It all happens in minutes once the lighting is set and the product is camera ready. With knowledge and experience cut outs on even complicated items can be worked on the fly. So it doesn't matter if you are a medical company in Milton Keynes, a cup manufacturer in Colchester, a health care company in Hemel Hempstead, or an Automotive parts supplier in Aylesbury. Our studio is so adaptable that it can be a fashion set or part of an office or maybe a commercial portrait set using green screen technology.

Our secret is our ability to see the image before we create the picture!

DWPi offer specialist photographic services for the diverse needs of electrical, lighting, fashion, medical, industrial, retail, merchandising and lifestyle clients. Portraits for business avatars, corporate publications plus head-shots for actors and the arts are regular sessions in our photography studio.

Fine Artwork Reproduction and Photo Restoration

DWP Imaging has a real knowledge and understanding of how to make high end copies of artworks and paintings ensuring colour profiles and sizing are maintained. Time is taken to carefully adjust files for all mediums and finishes before true to life copies can be made. With an understanding of analogue reproduction techniques, DWPi are able to restore old photographs and print to meet modern requirements.

Our professionally-equipped photographic studio is based in Wingrave, Buckinghamshire less than 20 minutes from Central Milton Keynes and 40 minutes from the centre of London it is on the cusp of 3 counties - Herts, Beds and Bucks and regularly supplies high end quality product photography to clients spread right across the UK. It is comparatively easy these days to courier products overnight to DWP Imaging. Test shots can be sent electronically on the day of the shoot for approval with fully retouched files ready for reproduction following in a short space of time. They regularly cover North London and the central heartland of the city. Modern photographic equipment makes it possible to travel easily by public transport and avoid congestion charges, high parking fees and traffic delays.

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