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Advertising Product Photography for Agencies

Creative Advertising Photographer for Agencies

Now operating on the cusp of Herts, Beds and Bucks, we are within a stone's throw of Tring, Leighton Buzzard and Aylesbury and just 40 minutes from London by train.

Work with our NetworkWe are regularly working with agencies as well as clients directly. We have clients in Northern Ireland, London, Doncaster, Sheffield, Leeds and Colchester as well as Milton Keynes, Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Huntingdon, and Letchworth. We can do travel further afield or offer the services of a fellow member of the Commercial Photographers Network.

Creative studio lighting and digital imaging techniques

This gallery puts on-show the skills specific to studio photography which advertising demands. Many of these studio images look simple but there's very often a great deal of complex imaging variables at work which the advertising photographer works to control.

Now that studios no longer have dark rooms our creative imaging skills in Photoshop are critical for putting multi-shot images together so that our studio shots have the impact for both online and in traditional print advertising, feature pages, journals and brochures.

Altro flooring corporate identity studio goldfish bowlVersatile studio photography with high visual impact. This complex, multi-layer shot of a goldfish in our studio was used by Altro in a campaign to advertise non-slip flooring.

Continuity of lighting

Advertising photographs need to be crisp and hi-res as they are often greatly enlarged when reproduced as point of sale or exhibition panels. Creative and thoughtful studio lighting is critical; especially when many individual images are Photoshopped into one. Any deviation in studio lighting angles or levels will immediately show.

Sudio FacilitiesWorking with highly reflective metals and finishes pushes the studio photographer to the edges of what may be captured in-camera. Working with these extremes, the advertising photographer needs to achieve the correct contrast values in the whites and deep black areas - especially when agencies require shots for online and print advertising which call for intricate white cutouts.

When shooting advertising shots outside, what's lost is the luxury of the control offered by the studio, the photographer's challenge is to compete against the natural light. Eliminating reflections is a key factor in the photography of products both inside and outside of the studio. Finding alternative and low angles to shoot avoids getting our own reflections in the shot and keeps the product lines looking smart and sharp.

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