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Medical Flooring Photography

Mount Vernon Autoclave Room Specialist Flooring Photographer

Specialist UK Flooring Photographer

DWPi is the go-to commercial photographer for the UK's leaders in the commercial flooring sector. What makes taking photographs of flooring a specialist discipline?

To the casual observer, photographing a room and its flooring is straightforward but nothing is ever as simple as it at first appears - outstanding flooring photographs require a specialist. The real art is to capture the true impact and colours of the floor covering and present this in a single image.

Creative viewpoints delivering flawless flooring images

On site you could point a camera straight down at the floor and photograph its true colours yet that's hardly creative now is it? One creative photographic approach is to shoot the flooring from a low dramatic viewpoint but the lower the camera gets, the greater the perception of the flooring colour changes as glare dilutes these values.

We have taken photographs of flooring for years and have many techniques to achieve a natural and controlled result: some of our flooring images are multi-shot images; some images are polarised; some are angled to retain some 'gloss' and finish of the floor covering and some have added light, especially away from camera.

Capturing the true impact

Clever montaging of our flooring photographs allows us to select the best effect from each and remove evidence of 'our lights' to recreate an overall natural result. We also control the wild colour balances introduced from interior light sources.

Once you know the pitfalls that flooring can present, it's easy to spot dull greenish hues in many other photographers' images where a lack of control imparts a luck lustre image.

Altro non-slip flooring goldfish studio photo photoshopOur images look like they have not been Photoshopped and appear entirely natural - that's the tricky part!

Shooting what we see and not what we find

Before and AfterOn top of this we add our usual flair with camera angles and construction of the set in front of camera. Many times we are faced with very difficult situations and have to work hard to engineer something. Cleaning floors, clearing areas, introducing the right props, using people intelligently, telling a story about the area, showing off the product, preserving the clients 'image' all come into the mix.

Even more demanding is creating lifestyle imagery where the product is secondary in the composition, although the product is the 'star' it is quietly imposing itself to create the back cloth and an overall designer element.

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