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Creative Commercial Photography

Almost everything we shoot as photographers has a commercial use so what makes creative commercial imaging stand-out from other classes of professional photography is that commercial photography tends not to be people driven - we photograph places, products, interiors, signage and generally spaces that people use.

Superb commercial photography

We don't go for the conventional shot - our commercial images employ intelligent use and a mixture of low and high angles, we use geometry to get some really strong lines going through our pictures and, wherever the opportunity presents itself, we love using strong colour to go through a picture too. When strong colour's not available we're able to enhance and introduce a little colour in post-processing (Photoshop) work.

Careful control

The unifying truth that underpins all our commercial photography is that we control light itself really well; take a look at the photos in this commercial photography gallery - there's no colour bias in any of these shots. Professional control of light distinguishes and defines DWPi's commercial photographers, too many people who pick up a camera with the intention of shooting images for company marketing, pr, websites and sales campaigns don't know how to handle the changes of light in a photograph.

commercial photography dubaiWe don't go for the conventional shot - our commercial images employ intelligent use of strong geometry and strong colour along with a mixture of high, low and unconventional camera angles.

A reputation for stunning commercial photography

When creative commercial images are product-driven, commercial photographer DWP Imaging is called in based upon our hard-earned reputation for our ability to make a designer or manufacturer's product look absolutely stunning on location.

More often than not, commercial photographs will take one of two approaches: either focusing on the product and making a big thing of it or pulling back from the product to visually communicate the client's need to show the synergy between the built or natural environment and their products.

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