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Corporate Portraiture and PR Photography

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Corporate Portraiture and PR Photography

Is your business image up to date? Do you have images of your people which reflect your mission statement? DWPi make the emotional connection with your customers and graphically communicate just how good your people are.

Nothing short of stunning

Depending upon the client's brief and brand, our corporate portraiture and PR photos can be entertaining, factual, inspirational or creative yet all need to be nothing short of stunning. The goal of corporate portraiture and PR photography is for the editors of print and digital media to fall in love with the photos and use them to enhance their own publications.

Rosemary Schrager Cooker SchoolThe function of PR is to sell a story, the PR photograph is the hook that tells the story independently of the copy.

Avatars to events

Our corporate portraiture finds its way into websites, company brochures and social media profiles. Our non-conformist PR photography is used in case studies, news articles and magazines to illustrate the currency of the story.

Seeing the best version of themselves

Posing for a corporate portrait is not a thing most people are comfortable doing so our portrait photographers involve the subject in the shoot and, whilst adapting the light for a dramatic, modern look with plenty of shadow detail, will talk to the sitter, work on their posture, adjust their clothing and give them something to do in the shot which, very often, takes their mind off the portrait and loses any awkwardness they may feel.

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