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Environment and Illustrative Commercial Photography

A sensory genre of creative commercial photography designed to please the eye and capture the imagination. The primary purpose of illustrative photograpy isn't to sell but invoke a mood and a feel.

Where are illustrative images used?

Illustrative photography is used predominantly in advertising but is found being used for corporate wall art, commercial displays and backcloths to printed brochures. When a creative solution to a marketing hurdle is required, illustrative photography delivers something that's pleasing on the eye. Images require a good strong colour key so graphic designers and creative artworkers have a colour palette to hook into.

Creative illustrative photographyIllustrative photographs are often bright and fully saturated graphic shots thanks to the added enhanced texture and tonal control in post processing.

Products' properties

Many commercial products may have an intangible or non-visible property that simply can't be photographed. What if your product's unique selling point is freedom of movement? When it is essential to visually communicate something sensory or a feel pertaining to the quality of something, DWP Imaging's illustrative photography delivers branded images which are anything but pedestrian.

rehab centre photographyIllustrative images used by a drugs rehabilitation centre to give a sense of what an organisation 'feels' like with the underlying promise of client privacy.

Graphic shots with more than one use

We find our contemporary illustrative photographs used as images to brighten up office corridors or to make a statement in a corporate reception area thanks to their strong colours.

Beyond the brief

Illustrative photographs tend to be generic pictures (but this doesn't mean that there's no need for a creative brief) and correctly branded illustrative images make for fantastic library shots that can be used from magazine covers to direct mail. Corporates' multi-lingual and multi-terriroty campaigns hold illustrative photography in high esteem particularly when used across continents so that local audiences can't identify the photos as being shot outside their own region.

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