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What party are you - Red, White or Rosé?

Are you under the grape depression of which party to support? Just work your way through a nice selection from the Wine Society, they may not help you make a decision but will certainly make politics more palatable. Phrases like "Let me make this perfectly clear" apply to wine too as they are all star bright. Buying wine should be in their manifesto as it is a 'cost effective measure', the more you drink the more tax you pay.

Seriously though, to take good advertising photography requires care in setting up both subjects and lighting. We use double diffused lighting to give good shape and colour to the bottles. Most images are have more than one image layered up so that unwanted reflections and shadows can be removed easily. The Wine Society are based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and we work closely with the Advertising Agency Gosling Creative to produce regular promotional offers for them.

DWPi have a studio in Wingrave near Aylesbury, Bucks but equally take the studio on location whenever appropriate. Creative Commercial and Advertising Photography in Hertfordshire. The corkscrew goes with us too!

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