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Studio photography for St Albans electronic components company

Electronics components product photography (Green issue)

How do you make a lot of odd shape components into a pleasing image for posters and literature? Welham Green electronics company Telegärtner UK needed to revise much of their publicity material and the brief was to keep close to the house-style branding, yet keep the imagery up to date.

We chose to shoot on a white reflective surface and control the lighting so that the background prints as a very pale grey. This gives the product a classy feel and allows the products to 'sit' on something rather than just float about in the air, an inherent problem which group 'cut outs' always give. Cut outs are fine for single products, they also work with close groupings so that the items tie in and overlap with each other, but rarely work in open arrangements.

The clients required a number of studio photographs to be taken and they were grouped by nature of their purpose. As it is very difficult to make a selection of odd items that work together to form an interesting picture. We systematically went through each group to select the linked items and then some additional ones. These could be used to support the layouts. All the images were taken with a similar viewpoint and lighting to keep consistency of brand.

Just to crank up the difficulty in taking photographs of these studio products, the connectors were mixed on short and long lengths of wire, most cables were very stiff and hard to bend into a shape, let alone trying to keep them fixed still on the set. The set was lit with 3 flash heads, one over the top to give some soft shadow, another from the front to give key lights and the third diffused from the rear to give a consistent tone to the background and create subtle reflections.

DWP Imaging have many clients in Hertfordshire; St Albans, Hatfield, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Welham Green, and Watford are all within easy reach of our photographic studio. Electronic component photography has to be carried out in our studio to enable the photographer to black out the ambient light. More often than not the client will courier products to the studio and when under camera, a quick low resolution image is whizzed across the airwaves for approval, thereby saving the client time and saving energy for the the planet.

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