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Success on a plate comes only with experience

Milton Keynes events photography

The Sculpture Gallery, Woburn Abbey was the venue for MK College's Student of the Year Awards 2017. Whilst the sun shone outside Events Photographer Nigel Crump was busy grabbing shots in the kitchens. The students were preparing the sumptuous meal for their guests. Both caterers and photographer were working on the fly and with little space or time. Experience tells us that you work pretty much continuously on such occasions even before the main event takes place. Milton Keynes College use this wonderful venue and it is very much down to the photographer to get good coverage. To date DWP Imaging have covered a number of events in the City of Milton Keynes as well as London. All of which draws on the vast experience to get results.

From Kitchen to table in two minutes and that's just the photographer!!

These days corporate photography of social events means you have to travel light. You have to be prepared for all eventualities. Portable lighting and plenty of backup. Working with a monopod and prime lenses means you can work in low-lighting conditions, fast, quick and efficiently. All results in a happy client getting lots of media coverage.

When it too hot in the kitchen...

In 2019 DWP Imaging Ltd will be celebrating 50 years in business. Technology has changed as have our work methods. We are living in a world of immediacy. In the day we were beholden to the processing labs to 'turn around' film processing in the quickest possible time ( minimum 2 hours). In the studio for product photography we can be unpack, light, shoot and proof simple sets in around the same time. On location we can send images via the wire in less time than that. It is called progress. BUT you can never replace experience and knowledge and that comes at a price. Good business sense is key to longevity and we hope we can involve you and your business as we move towards our big landmark 50 YEARS.

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