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Bathroom taps-studio image with locally sourced water

Making a splash with bathroom products in the studio

'Tap into' DWP Imaging's flowing product photography in our studio for this shoot for a bathroom accessories client. Kingsway Products showroom in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire launched a new range of products and as a brand new company they came to us for their brand launch. Its great to start with a blank canvas, so designing a logo and imagery was an exciting challenge.

Photographing polished chrome items for 'cut out' are amongst the most testing to capture as the mirror finish shows reflected light with very little detail. This method allows it to stand away from the background. If not carried out correctly, one ends up with the studio set - lights, stands, reflectors and even the photographer as distorted images in the surfaces of the products. Building the set takes much thought and care, constructing a way to support the product without it showing the surface is just the start, careful lighting avoiding dark tones, picking out some edging detail, all takes time. Once the set is sorted subsequent products take a lot less time to shoot. Finally when the image has all the background cut away it will look clean and sharp. With this product photography a background was added of a water weir taken along the canal just less than a mile from the showroom.

DWP Imaging's reputation in product studio photography goes back over 40 years serving advertising and commercial clients from Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St Albans and Kings Langley all of which are situated in Hertfordshire. Our studio is Plumb in the middle of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Our reputation goes before us in flooring, lighting, plumbing supplies, jewellery, fashion items and so much more.

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