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Product Photography for Packaging

Colourful tableware products photographed in our studio

Go caravaning with the latest 16-piece camping crockery. Hatfield based Flamefield Ltd introduced this very striking design to their range of melamine tableware. This set was photographed specifically for the packaging of the product. The image wraps around the box with just the centre area full on the front. Several other images were taken to appear on the sides and back to illustrate the features.

We used a gloss white surface on the set with bounced light off the backwall to create a classy uniform tint, front lighting to give shape and key highlights to the products. Typically the products photographed were prototypes so some photoshop work was done in post processing to alter some colours and detail to match the final production models. This product is selling well and we like to think that our imagery has been a contributing factor in drawing the eye of customers.

DWPi have many Hertfordshire clients that require good studio product photography and we pride ourselves with the attention to detail we give and the post production of the files so that they are ready for reproduction in print.

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