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Entertainment captured in a dazzling display of colour

LED Hula Hoop Studio Photography

Spectacular LED hula hoops with Helen Orford in our spacious studio. We are often shooting LED products for our lighting clients, this was an opportunity to shoot both a glamorous lady whose talents extend to spinning several LED Hula Hoops simultaniously and capturing the dazzling display.

LED Hula Hoop photography makes an entertaining effect

Helen Orford has been spinning her hoops as part of her eye-popping act all around the World. Even for royalty!! The visual effect is stunning and to capture the amazing array of colours take a bit of planning and control. We first met at a corpoarate event in Milton Keynes.I knew that I wanted to get some creative images that we could use and share content. So Helen kindly agreed to come to the studio. Helen smiled throughout the studio session and loved the results. Having the ideas in advance certainly helped achieve these images. I am planning something even more spectacular for my next shoot.

Lighting control and experience is priceless

Adding a human element into what is generally accepted as a hard product to shoot was part of the challenge. Helen also had to avoid too much body movement, this was to ensure she was sharp in the images. Capture was achieved on a Can0n Eos 5s with higher sensitivity chip and high quality resolution at low light.

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