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Banner in the South of London a stones throw from The Shard and The Thames

Dropbox. The go to for Professional photographers

Another great display by Blow Up Media. Borough Market is the location for this eye-catching banner, situated on Southwark St attracting traffic from both Southwark and Waterloo towards London Bridge. A very busy throughfare for both commuters and traffic, the bright colours matches the vibrant area, set off with The Shard in the background. Twilight really shows it to its best. This will fit in perfectly with the Lumiere displays right across the capital.

Dropbox leads the market in file holding services

Street photography is down on the street, down with the kids in the West End or hipster style in Shoreditch.
The streets are constantly changing with grafitti art on every corner. Brick Lane, Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Great Eastern St, Old St and Clerkenwell. All of which display banners extolling the virtues of the latest street footware or soft drink. Anything to catch the eye particularly at dusk when the banner comes alive.

We just love street photography

DWP Imaging Ltd are also a to go to for steet photography in London. We usedropbox for all of its file transfers. Large files are never a problem, whether its getting in a TIFF, or compressing to Jpeg. Large files are zipped to keep them quiet. PNG is a little creature who loves getting around with graphics. It gobbles up vectors in bite sizes.

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