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DWP Imaging loves going to the dentist

Long service across the UK

With the fabulous weather looming companies will be looking forward to many corporate events. DWP Imaging have over the years covered many of these social gatherings in and around London and many major cities up and down the country. Corporate golf days tend to be a lot more low key as companies reign in costs, but nevertheless DWP Imaging have always been up to par on the production of corporate events photography.

All in a days work

As part of the Commercial Photographers Network we can cover all parts of the UK. England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland are within reach of our members. We offer our services to large corporations to carry out assignments anywhere in these areas. The network is a body of professionals ready willing and very able to carry out projects and retain assurances that the final results will be consistent.

DWP are looking back at a half century

For any company to be celebrating 50 years in business is an achievement, but within the photographic service industry with all the changes in technology and buying power we still keep going. Our enthusiasm is as strong as ever and our reputation goes before us. Variety, they say is the spice of life and a true challenge is always welcomed.

Photographer's briefs

A well informed individual will produce results, no doubt. As professionals we do think for the client on occasion and can often come up with a suggestion of how to achieve the best result within budget. We will plan the best form of transportation to get to site for location photography and if it is not practical we will bring in a Network photographer to cover the assignment. It results in a win, win for us and the client.

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