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Art facility calls for something a bit 'arty'

Pop-art for pop up

Factory 45 is in the new Mercato-Metropolitano in Borough. South East London. It covers 500M2 and is a multi-function area with a photographic studio, night club, fitness area and display facilities for art and fashion. DWP Imaging Ltd were commisioned to take some PR shots for Funding Options who are the market leaders for business finance.

Its nice to be creative when called upon

Much of our work is recording things as they are, or how they are expected to be. But now and then DWP Imaging Ltd have the where with all to add a little something to the mix. London is buzzing with vibrant colours and styles, so this was an opportunity not to be missed. As soon as I walked into Factory 45 it had a vibrant feel about it. From the upper floor you can see the Shard and many other London landmarks, it couldnt be better situated. As the photographer I wanted to get an edgy feel to my pictures.

Always looking for that something extra

With a large number of our clients in London travelling is so easy using public transport MOST of time. Admitedly there are delays and with the hot weather it hasnt always been the method of choice, but needs must and using public transport does allow me to get around in the quickest possible time. It would not be unusual to move between six or seven locations in one day/evening. Being able to access London is such a bonus for DWP Imaging Ltd. My fitbit watch tells me I must be superfit by now!!!

Post work

I will always look at a picture and consider if enough has been done to make the image 'pop'. The photography carried out for Funding Options tends to be SMEs and start ups looking for progession in their market and always keen on any publicity. DWP Imaging Ltd are 50 years old next year so we have a head start on these organisations but are again always looking for good PR. You can never be complacent.

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