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Autumn colours light up the studio

Autumn colours

Every now and again we get asked to do something unconventional. Thats not to say we are more than capable of producing what the client wants, but we may not have the sort of work in our armoury. Food photography for instance is an area that we have dabbled, we would not call ourselves experts, but we have worked with the likes of Marks and Spencer, Pizza Hut, Whitbread, Costa Coffee, various wine distributers ( we like them) and numerous food outlets . We continue to challenge ourselves and although this Autumnal image is not a commision, it was just fun to do

Seasonal studio photography

We have had an amazing summer and it continues to stay above average temperatures. Great for location photography and just being out in the countryside. We are lucky to be surrounded by wonderful forests and walks and enjoy every minute of capturing nature it in all its glory.

Why we love the seasons

Any of the four seasons are great to photograph. We tend to go out when the first snow appears and often try to capture the first buds of spring too. The seasons are changing and the colours for this Autumn and something to behold. With studio facilities it enables us to bring nature into another world under the lights.
All of the berries and leaves in the picture were gathered from within 5 minutes of our studio.

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