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Mode of transport for the many thousands who attend University in Cambridge City

Recycle your ideas

Cambridge City Centre is awash with bikes and other means of self driven transport. You can choose to go for a leisurely punt on the river or cycle through a myriad of lanes and over bridges. Cambridge is teeming with life and activity. DWP Imaging were asked to join the throngs of students during term time to take a selection of both panoramic and gallery pictures that would eventually grace the walls of Cambridge Nat West bank.

Cant wait for summer?

We love supplying local scene photography to industry and commerce because often a professional photographer will have a different viewpoint to many that see the same scene every day. We consider ourselves very lucky to research and carry out projects which enable us to go out and explore. Many cities in the UK like Cambridge are very restricitive in terms of what you can photograph. Universities will not entertain commercialism without a fee, which is usually in three figures.

Feel good factor

When local scenes are illustrated as wall art it often makes the staff proud of their local enviroment. It also surprises many who dont neccessarily see the town or city where they work. They go into work by car and drive home the same route at the end of the day. Featuring local scenes has an enormous effect on the staff and often they get asked "Where has that been taken?" It then engages discussion and can be advantageous to business.

Financial institutions

Modern banking habits have changed, we all tend to automate our payments and transactions. But the High Street branch will still exist in many large provicial towns. Of these larger branches the ones that exist are lighter, brighter and more inviting. Eye catching graphics and clever use of Wall art invites the customer in and makes them feel welcome. The photograph is still a very strong means of communication and long may it continue.

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