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Read our latest blog post featuring this photograph of the 2019 lunar eclipse.

Half Blood Moon Eclipse 2019

And so 50 years after the first moon landing we had a partial eclipse over the UK, a fitting reminder of those pioneering days when man stepped onto the moon for the first time.

During a lunar eclipse, the Sun, Earth and Moon are almost exactly in line, with the Moon on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. The Full Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth but it dims dramatically by about 60% and glows red due to the sunlight passing through the Earth's atmosphere.

Though the sky was not totally clear with patches of thin cloud DWPi managed a few shots to show the progress that the shadow made in the course of about 40 minutes. So in case you missed it we thought we would share this with you.

The red colour has not been enhanced but is our normal white balanced settings, you will note the colour is less strong as the moon climbed up in the sky. So strange to see the crescent on the underside.

DWP Imaging like to have a bit of fun and take other images apart from our normal corporate commercial photography. These were taken with our normal camera kit, in Hemel Hempstead, exposed to show the bright detail rather than the ambience.

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