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Bluebells in Dockey Wood, near Berkhamsted

Every year the stunning display of bluebells attract many visitors to the famous Dockey Wood, part of the 500 acres Ashridge Estate on the rolling Chiltern Hills in Hertfordshire. It has become increasingly popular, so much so that that the Woodland Trust put up a fence last year and started to charge an entrance fee of £3. This became front page news and even was featured on the BBC news. The scent of the flowers is best taken in at early morning or just before dusk.

We have photographed this area several times for our clients in recent years, mainly for display purposes and it is still as glorious as ever. Dockey Wood is full of beech trees and when conditions are right you can catch the blooms at the same time as the trees in bud burst stage giving a superb compliment of colours.
It can be one of the most peaceful areas to go if you avoid school holidays.

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