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Event furniture photography

Location studio in Hertfordshire

Are you sitting comfortably? DWPi mobile studio goes to Markyate, Hertfordshire to photograph a whole range of furniture for Mogo Direct's new brochure. With all the product stacked in a lorry and a roll of wood effect vinyl flooring to change the scene we had the flexibility to change the sets and have plenty of space to work in.

Mogo Direct are a Hemel Hempstead based company supplying a whole range of tables and chairs for halls, conference suites and catering areas. It is important when we photograph their products that we keep all the images consistent and informative so that customers are able to make a clear judgement selecting for their need. So often when we are purchasing from the internet we are surprised when items arrive that they do not look quite what we are looking for. Internet shopping is here to stay so to help customers improve their sales we have to show goods off properly and highlight any special features.

Some of the layouts we set up there were not enough products at hand so a second shot was taken with them moved and combined afterwards. It's only when we are setting up that these ideas come to mind. Careful post processing of the files are imperative to ensure correct colour rendering for repro.

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