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Florist keeping active in Care Home

Flower power comes to Care Home

A new resident in the B&M Care Home, St Anns, in Kettering, Northamptonshire, has added her talents to all of the flower displays in the home. As a lifelong florist she soon re-arranged the displays to add some class in all the common areas. DWPi were on location to photograph the new improvements to the building but seized the opportunity to capture this intimate moment.

DWPi approach to these assignments is to show areas off to their best but to keep them looking natural. This sounds easy but to the eye when you are on the scene you can look around and take it all in and you ignore any variations in light levels. Getting all this into one still photograph to fit the layout is quite testing, we basically re-construct the scene with lighting added and finalise the images in post production.

DWP Imaging has contributed in getting across the B&M Care policy and style of homes in their imagery. Closely working to their narrow 'letter box' format we are able to produce dramatic photographs which transmit the space and personality of each of the homes to the viewer. We are proud to have produced all their images and display material to date for this leading Hemel Hempstead based company.

You can see more on DWPi's images of Care Homes by clicking the links below.

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