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The circle of light

London Eye - Iconic and eye catching photograph

Many tourists, hobbyists even professional photographers have photographed the Iconic London eye. London is a frequent location for commercial photographer Nigel Crump and Westminster is a draw particularly at dusk. The Thames is the arterial link to London's heatbeat, feeding life into the City. 31.5 million people were lured to the lights of London in 2015 and it is ever increasing. Keeping a good stock if London images is important for all aspects of London Life in corporate, social, leisure and tourism.

London lights up

London's most popular tourist attraction The London Eye attracts 3.75 million people a year. Opened in 2013 it now boasts an array of LED lights supplied by Color Kinetics. It goes through a loop of coloured lighting effects and Nigel wanted to record the best image featuring all of the colours. What is amazing to watch is the ambient lighting in the sky and how the London Eye wakes up at dusk. A truly iconic feature as much a part of London's skyline as The houses of Parliament and Big Ben. I think it has replaced BT tower as the most recognised towering landmark in London.

DWP Imaging are advertising and commercial photographers operating in North London and the City. Our services for corporate clients include architectural photography, company portraits, events and construction photography. However when in town with our camera we are always on the look out for a creative photograph!

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