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Paddington Basin buildings whet our appetite

Creative photography in London

Paddington Basin Merchant Square, whets our appetite whilst capturing some stunning images for a leading services maintenance company in London. Nigel was tasked with shooting architectural sites of over 60 iconic buildings all across the city from Canary Wharf to Paddington Basin. Each building lending itself to a different approach, in the example above the water feature enhanced elements of water and glass. The Grand Union Canal sits just a few metres away.

Meticulous planning was required to work out logistics of each building, one to another and then it could be photographed in it's best light. Apart from critical timing of daylight the key to the success of this project was choosing the right equipment. Needing to travel light, Nigel carried just 2 lenses, a super wide angle shift lens and a mid range zoom, camera sitting neatly on a lightweight graphite tripod. Spare camera and batteries all as back up. Many final photographs ended up stitched from several images and panoramics. The first sign of a true professional is planning, planning and more planning. In the heat of the London Metropolis this can save much footwork and re-shoots, thereby keeping the client fully up to speed and delivering on time.

DWP Imaging Ltd specialise in Creative photography in London serving many corporate companies not only with architectural photography but with portraiture, case studies and events photography. This year alone the team have travelled into London just shy of 100 visits.

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