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Photograph Before DWPi Post Processing

Post-Production Photography by DWP Imaging Limited

DWPi offers professional post-production expertise for every photograph we shoot. Before downloading and sending you your images we always quality-check our photos, we adjust the colour balance, contrast, exposure and resize the high resolution images.

However, there are times when more extensive airbrushing, retouching and/or Photoshop work is desirable to achieve the very best image results and for this post-production work carries an additional charge. In post-production we can correct perspective, remove unwanted items, retouch damaged areas, locally enhance and add-in skies as well as a host of other techniques to keep the image looking natural but giving it a wow without showing any signs of manipulation.

We no longer print photographs in dark rooms but we still choose to process photographic images to extract the best quality image possible.

Our digital workflow is built upon RAW files to preserve more picture data than is possible with a normal JPEG. RAW files are the digital negatives which enable us to adjust and enhance our photographs without loss.

At the top of the page is an illustration of the result that high-end post-production can achieve, in this case for a residential property sale - we will leave you to play 'spot the difference'. DWPi won't outsource post-production work, we always handle post-production in-house. Our care and attention to detail is what we have built our imaging reputation upon.

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