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Nigel Crump - Commercial Photographer
Nigel Crump
Commercial & Residential Property Photographer
"It's always been my personal view that, whichever profession you're in, you're only as good as your last job."

Professional Photography of People and Places

Since joining DWP Imaging in 1982, Nigel Crump has earned a reputation for seeing the finer detail. He's developed a loyal client base in education, residential property sales, flooring, advertising and PR.

Showing-off property in the best possible light

His passion for fine architecture enables Nigel to capture the nuances and key selling points of residential properties for land management companies, estate and property agents. So that the property seller is not restricted in how a property is marketed, Nigel will often opt to photograph property with a pole car or drone and combine the ground based aerial shots along with his ground level images. Quality and finesse is paramount as many of Nigels photographs will end up in Country Life magazine. It is important to identify the optimum time of day to show the property off in its best light.

Working in education is great fun and again identifying the needs of schools and colleges to promote their facilities is paramount.

Seeing the finer detail in schools and communities

It is always a challenge for educators to appreciate the value of good professional photography and how it promotes a school's own image.

Academic PhotographyNigel is never far away from his love of photography, if he is not working on a commercial assignment for DWPi, he is photographing weddings or sharing his experience and enthusiasm with members of his Camera Club in Buckinghamshire.

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