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Advertising studio photography for Luton company.

Two new Papal pens from Cross now available for his Holyship. They are sure to be blessed by 'his nibs'. This Bedfordshire based company have a reputation for their quality and luxury items which always makes photographing them in the studio very demanding. Bringing out the design features requires careful lighting and a bit of magic with photoshop.

In the main group image to get the best out of the box we took two shots, one to pull up the black gloss overprinting and another with the right shadow. The pens too required two shots, the first to pick up the lines along the barrel and another to show the motif more clearly. By blending overlaid images the trick is to make it all look seamless and not retouched. Finally we have popped in a close up of the other design.

DWPi photograph a wide variety of subjects in their Wingrave Studio from medical products, industrial lighting, food and drink, motor accessories, electronic components, etc. Most of the clients are from the three counties we sit right on the borders with - Herts, Beds and Bucks but also many clients are from afar. These customers send their products by overnight delivery and approve files through the internet thus saving them considerable time out from the office.

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