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Plastic cups studio photography. Showing a whole range of disposable tableware

Let's Get Fizzicle! Disposable Drinking Cups

Always a challenge photographing fizzy drinks in the studio and this was triple fun. Each cup had to look like it has just been freshly poured, at the same time getting the fruit positioned nicely with lids fixed on and not allowing the bubbles to lift the straws up.

Well we would have to admit that a few tricks are needed to meet this challenge. Something as simple as a plastic cup requires attention to detail. Lighting needs to be angular but diffused enough to hold the detail so a mock up trio of drinks were put on the set to get the composition nice and dramatic. Then the actual cups were partially filled with chilled drinks, the fruit cut to shape and wedged in place. These cups were exchanged for the mock ups ready for the final mad action of topping up and lids fixed. Shoot!

Cups Direct from Colchester use DWPi for their photography and these recent images are intended for advertising and web use. Gone are the days that clients use inferior images "it's only for web" as the web has rapidly become the main source of displaying your wares and images need to be good and eye catching in this competitive market.

DWP Imaging has earned a reputation of providing quality images at our Buckinghamshire studio based just 20 minutes from Milton Keynes. Clients are saving time and money by sending their products to us via overnight parcel service. We shoot and send the images back down the wire freeing up valuable time for our busy clients.

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